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EACO Chem C-Tar Melt 1gallon

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    C-Tar Melt, a blend of water soluble, non-hazardous chemicals, give an exceptionally powerful penetration and softening action tar and stains.. Apply straight - undiluted. Water STOPS the actions of C-Tar. C-Tar will aid in the separation of the tar residue from the rinse water if you contain and store the runoff for a short period of time. C-Tar Melt is safe for:

    • Wood

    • Metal

    • Brick

    • Masonry


    C-Tar is a deep penetrating product. Using gloves, apply to a cloth and wipe on. If applying to painted surfaces, it may soften the paint, so always test and work in small batches. Rinse with water to STOP C-Tar penetrating and softening actions.


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