Download PDF manuals of Dirt Killer / Kranzle US machines

!! Important note!!
When searching our site for Kranzle part numbers, add a 97 and take out the dot.  IE: 40.501 = 9740501, which is the website number.


Dirt Killer Classic

E300 & EE3000 

H200 & h260


H360 & h3613

Popular models

1322 (Down load 1622 for frame-motor. 1122TS for pump)

K1622ts user manual

K1622TS spare parts list


K2017, 2020, 2020T

K399 / K499 (Quadro)

K599 (Quadro)

K700  (Quadro)

K1200  (Quadro)

KWS700/1200 Manual

KWS spare Parts

Therm K1165TST, K1165TST440

Therm K2175