Chem Potion Orange, 1 Gallon Dirt Killer | PN 98657501

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     Potion Orange

    Magic Ju Ju juice for all of your environmentally friendly cleaning  and deodorizing needs. Carefully extracted from the souls of various citrus fruits, Potion Orange delivers an eco friendly alternative for all your degreasing needs. It works best as a solo product and diluted at no more than 5-1 to the surface to be cleaned.  Potion Orange wipes the surface free of grease, oils, grime, slime, tar, road salt, foot traffic stains, tobacco smoke stains and more.

    The enzymes in Potion Orange not only kill dirt, they kill the source of bad smells.

    Many car detailers use Potion Orange as the cleaning solution in their carpet and fabric extractor, cleaning all the hard surface of a vehicle and even heavily dilute it to use as a spray air freshener. 

    Potion orange is effective at killing the lingering odors of tobacco smoke.


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    Potion Orange is also often  used in a commercial or industrial kitchen environments because it works miracles on heavily soiled surfaces leaving your kitchen looking brand new and smelling like freshly picked citrus peel. Due to its naturally acid properties Potion Orange is uniquely efficient when cleaning commercial kitchen tile. As its degreasing properties will clean the surface down to a microscopic level its acidic properties will micro etch and restore the stone and grout work. This means that not only will the product leave the tile looking clean and brightened, but the surfaces pores will be uncovered giving you more traction throughout your workspace.