BIG GREEN BRUCE 1 Gallon - Pressure Washer Soap | PN 9800309

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    Big Green Bruce - Pressure washer soap


    Literally Simple Green on steroids. Formulated to be the answer to a greener cleaner future, Big Green Bruce takes cleaning to the next level by removing most of the heavy caustics and aggressive active ingredients found in common industrial cleaners. By replacing them with less aggressive solvents designed to break surface tension, you get an all purpose cleaner that simply releases stains from just about any surface.


    For commercial cleaning applications dilute as far as 20:1 and still be effective.

    For household cleaning applications dilute as far as 50:1


    Tackling jobs as rough and tough as tire markings on concrete (applied straight), to as gentle of a surface as removing bugs from the hood of a car (75:1), Big Green Bruce can handle it all.


    Just some examples of what this can be used on-


    Auto detail industry-

    Removing brake dust from rims

    Bug splatter on windshields

    White wall cleaning

    Engine degreasing

    Wheel and tire cleaning

    Car upholstery cleaning

    Floor mat cleaning


    Commercial cleaning -

    Dumpster pad cleaning

    Trash shoots

    Grease traps

    Hood and duct cleaning

    Tire ‘rub’ removal

    Concrete cleaning

    Store front cleaning

    Awning cleaning


    Residential cleaning-

    Sidewalk cleaning

    Masonry cleaning

    Gutter whitening

    Awning cleaning

    Decorative copper cleaning

    Patio cleaning


    Household applications-

    Bathroom cleaning

    Tile cleaning

    Counter top cleaning

    Oven cleaning

    Stove top cleaning

    Grill cleaning

    General purpose degreasing

    Light carpet cleaning

    Fire place cleaning (burn marks)

    Vinyl floor cleaner


    The list is endless. If you need it clean, BIG GREEN BRUCE is there to help.


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