Ruster Buster, 55 gallon | PN 8100014

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    Ruster Buster   


    Dirt Killer can help BUST your RUST! No seriously. Ruster Buster is an all in one formula blended to aid in the removal of mineral deposits from the pores of block, stone, concrete and other common masonry surfaces. Ruster Buster is an acidic cleaning agent that breaks down mineral content on surfaces. Due to its chemical make up caution needs to be taken when being used. Proper personal protective equipment is a must when using Ruster Buster and other acid based products.

    Usage instructions are as follows-

    Step 1) Completely prep the area by thoroughly cleaning the surface. The goal of this step is to remove all surface contaminants such as organic growth, grease and oil stains, or other build up from the surface.

    Step 2) Allow the surface to dry completely.

    Step 3) Dilute Ruster Buster to the minimum ratio require to break down the mineral from the surface. Small tests will need to be performed in order to find optimal target ratio based on the depth of the mineral stain. Most restoration process will be based on an end ratio of 10:1. Caution- under NO circumstances should water be added to acid. To properly dilute with out an unnecessary chemical reaction always mix acid to water, never water to acid.