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Episode 1 - Austin Davis from United Exterior Cleaning - 5 Star Reviews
9 May, 2023 by
Meet a Pro | Austin Pressure Washing Services | United
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In this episode of Meet A Pro, we interview Austin Davis from United Cleaning and pressure washing in Austin, TX. United offers full service residential and commercial exterior cleaning services through out the Austin Texas region. HIs company has many, many 5 star reviews over on Google. If you need professional cleaning services in Austin, TX visit United Exterior Cleaning.

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Transcript of Meet A Pro | Episode 1 | United Exterior Cleaning and Pressure Washing Austin, TX

Introduction - How did you start?

Michael Zittel - DK Pro (00:00):

Hey everybody. It's Mike with And today we're talking to Austin Davis from United exterior cleaning. Austin is a local guy in Austin and he, you know, provides pressure washing services. He also runs a Facebook group, which has like 7,000 followers already in subscribers of which Dirk Killer is one of, and that's how we met. And I thought we'd do a little interview for people in Austin and other pressure washing pros. Austin. Why don't you say hi and introduce yourself?

Austin Davis - United Exterior Cleaning (00:29):

How's it going? Everybody. My name's Austin Davis I'm 25 years old, local Austin right here in Austin. Been here in the area about 20 years moved from California, but um, I got into pressure washing years ago. I was in the car business before, so I you know, loved working with people, but I kind of grew up very hands on you know, mowing my dad's lawn pressure washing my dad's stuff working on, on stuff. So always like working with my hands, always found pressure washing oddly satisfying is what people like to call, you know, doing those kind of things. So always kind of had a liking to it. Ended up seeing a YouTube video a few years back of of a dude, a younger kid actually you know, kind of going around into his neighbors and pressure washing driveways and making a little extra money doing it.

And I kind of found like, man, if that person can do it, I can do it too. Nice. So that's kinda how I started the pressure washing you know, of putting around my dad's truck, doing it as a side gig while I was working, selling cars and kinda one thing led up to the other every year we kept growing. And I can say happily now, and I'm blessed to say, you know, after three years, we're one of the bigger companies here in Austin. And now I love what I do and, you know, we offer roof cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, obviously driveway, cleaning, house washing. So pretty much anything exterior cleaning is what we specialize in.

Residential or commercial?

Michael Zittel - DK Pro (01:49):

Cool. So are you also doing commercial stuff or are you mostly focused in residential?

Austin Davis - United Exterior Cleaning (01:57):

We do commercial. We've done a full restaurant, academy gym, restaurant, which is a local chain here in south. So we've done a couple Chipotles little small realtor real estate offices little, 1500 square foot building. So not big, big commercial yet, although we are taking calls, I have received a few calls. I've been, I have submitted some estimates and stuff, but as far as right now, our biggest thing is residential for sure.

Service Areas?

Michael Zittel - DK Pro (02:24):

All right, cool. Is there a specific kind of neighborhood or anything that you focus on in Austin, North, South, East West, or you just across the board? All, no.

Austin Davis - United Exterior Cleaning (02:35):

We work all of Austin when I get calls all the way up in Round Rock, which you know, if you guys are not familiar with Austin area, I'm in south Austin, so Round Rock, probably 30, 45 minutes, North of at least where I'm located. But Austin's also not the biggest city in the world. You know, you can pretty much get anywhere in Austin within 30 minutes, you know, from the center at least center of downtown draw, draw a big circle radius. You're recovering a huge area and no, we get calls all the time from everywhere really. So we go all around. Are, are

Size of company?

Michael Zittel - DK Pro (03:06):

You, you keep saying we, so does you have, is it just you and a, a, a helper partner or do you,

Austin Davis - United Exterior Cleaning (03:14):

Yes, I, I say we as, as like the, as like us as the entity, so, you know, it's, it is me and then I have two guys with me. You know, those other guys aren't, full-time fulltime. They're mostly part-time. So when I, I, I like saying we a lot, cause it's really it's me and my truck and my guys.

Michael Zittel - DK Pro (03:29):

Right, right. Sorry. Well, I just didn't know if you had a fleet of people or, or no

Austin Davis - United Exterior Cleaning (03:33):

No fleet not too sure if I you know, how interested I am and going know that big, cuz you know, I like doing a lot of the things myself, but like I said, I'm very hands on. I like to meet the customers in person shake their hand. I don't wanna, you know I know a lot of big businesses out there have, you know, multiple trucks and they got guys out there doing that, that stuff. But I really like, you know what I'm passionate about just getting there and doing it in person. At least at this stage in my life I really enjoy what I'm doing and I like taking care of my, my customers and I like doing a really good job and that, that gives me fulfillment. So as of right now, it's one truck. We'll see how the year goes. Maybe we add on another truck, but even then I'm not, I, I don't wanna get too big. So you know, that's where I'm at, that's where I'm at with that.

Do you offer annual cleanings? Gutter cleaning?

Michael Zittel - DK Pro (04:16):

All right. Awesome. let's see you, you mentioned earlier, you know, annual cleanings. So is that a, a service you provide, you know, you got customers for that where it's just like every year, you know, you're gonna go back out and do it and what are the benefits of doing that? You know, cause some people are like, ah, you know, I got it washed and you know, two years ago, I, that never needs to be washed again. What are your thoughts on, on that and what are you, you know? Yeah.

Austin Davis - United Exterior Cleaning (04:42):

Well, I mean every well, every client is gonna be you know, different. You know, some, a lot of clients really are just interested in that one time deal. But I always like to go up there and just you know, present the value. It it's beneficial to them, you know, Hey, if we're doing, if we're talking about gutter cleaning, you probably really should get your gutters clean twice a year. Cuz you know, when fall comes down, it's gonna fill up the gutters and, and if the gutters aren't already cleaned before that, well then you're gonna have a real problem cuz now they're double stacked cuz you didn't clean 'em prior to, to the fall season. So I always like to, if I'm going out doing gutter cleaning, I always like to say, Hey look, let's do it by twice a year.

Austin Davis - United Exterior Cleaning (05:17):

I'll push on the schedule every six months it'll be at a slightly, a better deal because I, I know it's maintain it's it's you know, getting clean twice a year and staying with house washing and stuff. If we're doing like concrete cleaning, like driveway, sometimes what I'll do is like we'll clean the driveway, but then I'll tell a customer, Hey look in a few months, what I could do is go back, go back and do a post-treatment that way I can kill any algae and mold that that's on there. We don't have to do the complete cleaning, but if we can just keep it treated every other month and get that algae and mold off, it it'll stay cleaner longer. So it's definitely beneficial for clean cleaner. Yeah. Faster, clean. Right. And it's beneficial for the customer because if I can keep coming back, their stuff will stay clean. The prices will be better because it's not as dirty. And it's obviously beneficial for the business owner because we can, you know that's, that's dependable work we can depend on as well. So

Specials for real estate companies?

Michael Zittel - DK Pro (06:14):

Cool. So you work, do you kind of try to work with a lot of real estate agents and so forth cuz of the housing market, right. I mean it's, I'm over in Dallas, so it's just crazy over here, but you know, a lot of these houses really need to spruce up and you know, instead of a whole paint job or something often I think that a pressure washing can be do miracles from a curb appeal point of view.

Austin Davis - United Exterior Cleaning (06:35):

Yeah, absolutely. I'm I'm kind of I'm I think, I think people know me as kind of the real estate pressure washing guy on YouTube because well I'm, I'm a licensed realtor myself and when I was coming up and on, on YouTube and stuff, I always talked about marketing to real estate agents. Because there's infinite amounts of real estate agents out there at least about 10,000 of them in here in my city. And so, and then their information is so easily obtainable. You know, if you want commercial managers and project managers email addresses, you gotta go up to chain of command and hit the phone calls and get all this information on where you can on real estate agents. You can just go on Google and type in, you know, board realtors you can type in platinum, top 50 and all, all these different names and numbers and email, just, just pop up.

Curb Appeal

Austin Davis - United Exterior Cleaning (07:21):

You save 'em in a CRM, you develop your own little template, you can market to them. And and it's really beneficial too. So yeah, I have a lot of real estate agents. I have a brokerage here in town that I've worked with and I basically just said, Hey look you're top. You are one of the top brokerages in town. You, your houses are phenomenal. They're all. It's that modern, expensive look, big windows and stuff. Really nice looking, Hey look, before you take pictures, let me just go back to the, let me go to the property, sweep it, rinse it down, make sure doesn't have anything. We're not totally cleaning it up and down, but we're just let me just sweep it and give it a, a once over. And he lets me do that on every single property they have put up for sale before they did pictures. Right. Smart move. I've worked out a really good deal with them where I just kinda go over there and clean up around, make sure it's all good for pictures and stuff.

Window cleaning?

Michael Zittel - DK Pro (08:08):

So you mentioned windows, like, is that, do you, do you specifically as well as regular pressure washing and house washing, do you have a whole, you know, window cleaning set up with DI water and all that or

Austin Davis - United Exterior Cleaning (08:20):

You know, the window, the, the full window cleaning setup is coming when I'm talking about a window cleaning setup. I'm what I think you're probably talking about is like a water fed pole set up with the whole ionized water machine and what not. That's coming, but for now I'm we're doing windows old school. So, you know, mop and squeegee with the cool you know, soaps and stuff that people use, like like easy glide and stuff. So we use that, it works, you know, it's old school, it works, comes out perfect. But on those tall windows and stuff sometimes I'll have a guy, my window cleaning guy come out and help me do windows and we work together on it. But I think a water, I think a water fed pull set up where that kind of setup is coming soon.


Michael Zittel - DK Pro (09:05):

All right, cool. Yeah, no, that's, you know, the, one of the one area that Dirt Killer, you know, we've got some stuff for some of our soaps are good for that. But I was just curious, you know, cuz I know, I know that there are guys that totally just specialize in that and they come out with the DI and the, the soap, it's just like, it's amazing. You know, I had this house myself that had these big windows and you know, I wasn't gonna climb up on a ladder and this is back in Maryland. And my wife hired a guy that came out and I was amazed cuz the how well it worked, but all right, cool. So everybody, this is, is Austin Davis with United exterior cleaning in Austin, Texas. So if you're in that area and you need some pressure washing check out United exterior cleaning, thanks for watching. Bye Dirt Killer. Let's kill some dirt!

The End.

Meet a Pro | Austin Pressure Washing Services | United
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK 9 May, 2023
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