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Buy Commercial Grade Pressure Washers

We manufacture the Dirt Killer Classic  commercial grade  gas powered pressure washers with a Kränzle pump,
Dirt Monkees, Fahrenheit Hot Water and Soft Wash systems
We also are the exclusive USA importer of Kränzle electric pressure washers and accessory products.
Additionally, we manufacture premium cleaning soaps and detergents for house washing, exterior cleaning and car detailing.
Buy commercial, industrial and pro-sumer grade pressure washers - Gas and Eletric - Honda engines

Buy Pressure Washers

Buy the pressure washer that is right for you. Commercial, pro-sumer grade machines from Dirt Killer, Kranzle and others.  Shop now >>

Dirt Killer cleaning detergents, chemicals and soaps

Cleaning Detergents

All Dirt Killer cleaning chemicals have been thoroughly field tested by professionals and DIY home owners via our retail store in Maryland.  
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Dirt Killer Turbo Nozzles - Rotary nozzles - Spinners

Dirt Killer Nozzles

Take your pressure washing to the next level with the famous Dirt Killer Kranzle Turbo Nozzles.  
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Pressure washer parts and accessories

Pressure Washer Accessories

Buy pressure washer accessories such as lances, hoses, quick connect couplers, auto detailing supplies, cleaning chemicals - detergents and  more >>


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Shop online and have our products delivered direct to your door.

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How To Pressure Wash Videos 

Watch our "how to" pressure wash and use cleaning chemical videos. If there is a particular product or tutorial you would like to see, let us know!


How To Wash A Stucco House


Josh Wagner, Old Man Wags, shows us how to soft wash a stucco house using a pressure washer and sodium hypochlorite, The Boss and Hell Bender.

Watch on YouTube >>


Got dirty rims and brake dust?


Brian at Detail Werkz Dallas tested Hell Bender as a tire, rim and brake dust cleaner. He loved it so much he has become a dealer.

Watch on YouTube >>


Oil stains in concrete?


Studs with Suds, a Maryland professional pressure washer, shared before and after photos of Nastee in action. If you've got oil stains on concrete, get Nastee.

Watch on YouTube >>

Custom Pressure Washer Trailers & Rigs


Custom Hot Water Trailer


Josh Wagner, Old Man Wags, shows us a custom hot water pressure washer trailer with a water tank and chemical mix tank. Here's a DIY kit >>

Watch on YouTube >>


Full Size Pick Up Drop Skid


Got a full size pick up truck? Got a forklift or access to one? Check out this sweet drop skid design to fit any full size pick up truck. 

Watch on YouTube >>


Custom Mobile Detailing Rig


Ready to up your mobile detailing game? You'll definitely love this custom auto detailing rig we built in a van.

Watch on YouTube >>

Talk To Our Pressure Washer Experts  

Josh Lee - The Original Josh - Senior Kranzle Mechanic and sales

Josh Lee

The "original Josh" has been been building and servicing pressure washers since 2006. He's seen it all and loves talking about pressure washers. Whatever your question, he's got the goods.

800-544-1188 x3007

Patricia Webb - Senior Kranzle expert and wholesale manager of Dirt Killer

Patricia Webb

Got a Kranzle question? What's the right one for you? Which accessory goes with which pump? What's your warranty? What's that do-hicky thing-a-ma-gig? Patricia is your grrl.

800-544-1188 x3006

Josh Wagner - Old Man Wags - Senior Retail Sales, Chemical Guru and Custom Rig engineer

Josh Wagner

Before joining the team Wags racked up over 15,000 hours of trigger time and worked in nearly every environment a pressure washer is used. He knows the do's and don'ts and loves to share.

800-544-1188 x3008

Michael Zittel - Head of the Dirt Killer marketing department

Michael Zittel

Mike Z joined the team in 2019 as the marketing manager after years of being a digital marketing consultant. He produces all of our video, photography, marketing online and off, and also manages new dealer relationships. He has also become a car detailing and house washing enthusiast. 


Angela Hamilton - President of Dirt Killer

Angela Hamilton

Angela became The President of Dirt Killer, Inc in 2017. Since then, the company continues to grow exponentially through her leadership. "A rising tide lifts all boats" is her guiding principle and it shows in the success of our customers, dealers and company.


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