Sanitize Warehouse Floor
Big Green Bruce, Sodium Hypochlorite and Ruster Buster
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Sanitize Warehouse Floor
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 Josh Wagner, aka Old Man Wags, demonstrates how to properly clean and sanitize a warehouse cement floor using Big Green Bruce, Sodium Hypochlorite and Ruster Buster.

*This process exceeds the CPC recommendation to kill COVID-19 and other bacteria.

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Warehouse Sanitization Video Transcript


Dirt Killer. Let's kill some dirt! What's up guys? This is Old Man Wags here to introduce you to one of our favorite chemicals. This is Big Green Bruce. The reason we like this product is an eco friendly degreaser. It's essentially one of the best products that you can use because we can ship it anywhere. One of the biggest reasons we're going to use this today is because everything that we're doing in this warehouse, which I'm about to walk you through, it's hopefully going to come clean with this stuff. What we're going to do is basically touch on all these stains, cleaning the counter top, cleaning the floor, getting all this dust up, going over here, trying to focus on a lot of these oil stains that are on the ground, trying to focus on all the oil stains that are over there by our oil separator, and we also have our work benches that we were going to get cleaned. The reason we're doing this is number one, we're going to clean the floor. Number two, after that, we're going to sanitize and we'll show you how that's done in a minute.


[Sound or pressure washer running and water spraying].


All right. So the first thing that we did as you just saw was we basically laid up the soap. Um, basically what we're doing is just letting us sit. Dwell time is key to anything that you're cleaning. As a general rule of thumb, if everything starts to dry, you let it sit too long. Um, one thing you can do is use water to reactivate it or you can just start cleaning right away. This floor is something that we clean every six months or so, so it's really not that bad. And I'm gonna let it sit for about 15 minutes and then clean it. And if this was a warehouse that hadn't been cleaned in say, you know, five, 10, 15 years, I'd probably let it sit for as long as I possibly could. Maybe even re-apply soap a second time. But at this time, we're happy with how long it's set. Let's see what surface cleaning does and see what the end result is.


All right guys. So one of the final things that we're going to do besides the rust removal is show you what sanitizing is. And the whole reason that we're doing this is because the CDC has some concerns about the Corona Virus or Covid 19 that's going around and essentially they want everything to be as sterilized as possible to prevent the spread of Covid. It's one of the main reason that we chose today to do our warehouse. So, what we did is we hit this with a 1% sodium hypochlorite solution (Commercial grade bleach), which is essentially going to treat and kill anything that hits the surface. The biggest reason we chose that mixture is the CDC recommend a 0.5% on surface ratio. We figured if we doubled that, we're more than safe for it. This is one of the few surfaces that you can kind of get away with going to the extreme and putting the heavier mix on it. If you were to back it off a little bit, as long as you're staying within the tolerance where the CDC recommends, this floor would technically be considered sanitized by their standard. So stay tuned, find out what we did next.


So the next step in our cleaning is to go ahead and take care of this rust. Big Green Bruce is a very solid degreaser but unfortunately it's not acid base and really doesn't do anything for some of the mineral staining. So what we're going to do is use Ruster Buster. Go ahead and go and attack this rust. We're going to scrub it a little bit. We're going to see how good it comes out. So stay tuned. (Just pour Ruster Buster on rust stain.) That white that you're seeing is basically a chemical reaction to which the acid is attacking something. If I let this sit for too long it'll pull some of the color out of the concrete. The trick is getting it to stain or sorry to lift the stains that I want it to lift and leave everything else as far as color goes.


[Brush scrubbing. Pressure washer sounds]


All right guys, so we're at the end of this project where we have here, Big Green Bruce's results. My favorite drink of the day, in case you guys don't know, we do have a keg in our office just because we're awesome like that, but let's check out our results. Our first one that we got, we got some nice rust stains that have all but gone away completely. You've got a little bit of residual. The only reason I didn't keep going with it is because I was starting to pull some of the color up out of the concrete, but I'd say you probably got about 90% of the stain up using the Ruster Buster that we did take a little mini clip of. The next thing that we had over here was, it's kinda hard to tell where they were, but we actually had some oil stains and we were trying to focus on getting them cleaned.


As you can see, there's not much left to them. So Big Green. Bruce did an awesome job with that one. A lot of what we were using was Big Green Bruce. The reason we put a lot of special emphasis on that right now is because it's an eco friendly product. It's perfect for almost every task and as you can see, I'm absolutely thrilled with these results. Even this countertop that we did, the entire thing came back to life. I'm really happy with that. So for warehouse cleaning, for industrial cleaning, for house to house cleaning, any kind of cleaning that you're trying to do, this is the eco friendly solution for you. If you want more information, click on the link below. Check out Let's kill some dirt!

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Sanitize Warehouse Floor
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK 9 May, 2023
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