Clean and sanitize trash cans
Learn how best to clean and sanitize your trash cans.
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Clean and sanitize trash cans
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Josh Wagner, Old Man Wags, demonstrates how to properly sanitize trash cans. In the video he uses the products listed below. The key to using Big Green Bruce is DWELL time. Instead of scrubbing, let Big Green Bruce do the work for you by letting it sit for 10-15 minutes.

Products in video

Big Green Bruce:

Kranzle Spray Guard

Kranzle Turbo Nozzle

SH (Sodium Hypochlorite)

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Transcript of video : How to best clean and sanitize trash cans.


Dirt Killer. Let's kill some dirt!


What's up guys? This is Old Man Wags with Big Green Bruce or as I like to call him Little Brucey. What we're gonna do is show you how t o clean and sanitize these trash cans. We're going to explain why that's important while they're getting some dwell time. But before we begin go ahead and check these out because they are not going to look the same when we're done.


So basically we're going to use one of our favorite pump-up sprayers. This one's made by solo industries. It's a solid pump straight. It's commercial grade fully re-buildable. That's why we do like to carry them. We're spraying on here is a concentrated mixture of big green Bruce. And essentially what we're hoping to happen is this is going to work everything loose that's on the surface. Hopefully give us a nice deep clean after which we're going to sanitize. So even just beginning you can see a lot of the stuff that's really coming off of this trashcan cause this one's filthy. I believe this is the one that's over by Mike and


I mean really it's just trash cause it's a trashcan.


All right, so like you guys have seen in some of our other videos, the key to letting this soap work is really just dwell time. It's all about how long you getting it to sit on the surface, how effective it is, really depends on what you actually want to get out of it. If you really want to get these cans going all the way, you could sit there and you can scrub them all day. We're going to go with a little bit more concentrate and give it the proper dwell time and just see what happens. Right now we've got one trashcan that's used to basically throw a lot of debris in. It's not that bad. The other one on the other hand gets a lot of service parts and it's got a lot of oil, got a lot of grime in it, and hopefully between the two of these we'll see some pretty good results. One of the key things about this product and the reason that we like it is because it's eco friendly. It's a very solid degreaser, but most importantly, I can ship it anywhere in the U S all you gotta do is ask.


All right guys. So the next step that we're going to do after we've let this dwell is we're going to use our Kranzle Spray Guard as well as our legendary Dirt Killer nozzle. We're going to go ahead and clean this. You can go ahead and zoom in on the pattern, that rotating nozzle, it's going to take everything that's in this trashcan and make it clean again. So let's see what happens. All right, so as you can see, relate some sanitizer in these buckets. We're gonna let that dwell for maybe five minutes. We're gonna go ahead and give this one final rinse to just of neutralize everything. Get some of the final gunk out, and then these things will be completely ready for, well, more trash.


I wouldn't call them sexy. These trash cans are as sanitized and as clean as they can get. We have one of these that was absolutely trashed beyond redemption. They cleaned up really, really nicely though. I'm very happy with that. We had another one that's just used for regular stuff, and that would actually came out pretty clean. I wouldn't eat off of it, but it came out as clean as I can get, and as most importantly, as disinfected as you can get. So if you want to order some Big Green Bruce, feel free to click on the link below. Visit Dirt Let's kill some dirt.


(Sparkly, glitter sound)


Dirt Killer. Let's kill some dirt!


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Clean and sanitize trash cans
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK 9 May, 2023
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