How to pressure wash a house
Pressure washer training series
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How to pressure wash a house
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK

In this ever growing series, Josh Wagner (aka Old Man Wags), teaches us how to use a 4gpm / 4000 PSI Dirt Monkee pressure washer with the contractor kit, SH, Big Green Bruce, Kracken Wash, Power Bolt and other chemicals to clean a house with a brick facade and aluminum/vinyl siding. The house in these videos is typical of most homes in America, and what pro's are asked to clean on a regular basis. This pressure washer training series is designed to teach a complete novice everything they need to know to professionally clean a house including gutters, driveway, chimney and walk ways. If you are starting a business or a DIY property owner, this series will teach you everything you need to know.  Be sure sure to subscribe to our newsletter as well as our YouTube channel for new videos as we publish them.

How to pressure wash a house | Part 1 | Equipment needed and the walk around

Grab your pen and paper to take notes.  In this introduction, Josh Wag shows us the basic tools you need and some very solid tips as he walks around the house to look for trouble spots and manage customers expectations. A major part of running a pressure washing business is learning how to deal with customers. A happy customer is your number one "marketing tool".  A happy customer may tell their friends about your service. An unhappy customer will absolutely tell their friends about you.


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How to pressure wash a house |  Part 2 | Chemical Mixing and washing brick facade

In this video you'll mix some chemicals (SH and Big Green Bruce), learn the difference between "down streaming" and "upstreaming" with a chemical injector. We prefer "down streaming" as it puts less wear and tear on the pump. Wags also demonstrates how to clean a brick façade with a j-rod.


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How to pressure wash a house | Part 3 | Aluminum and vinyl siding

In part 3 we clean the aluminum siding of the house. We use the a slightly hotter mix of SH and Big Green Bruce due to the heavier concentration of organic growth and dirt.  With the right mix and technique of pressure washing / soft washing via the jrod, you'll be able to effectively and safely clean aluminum and vinyl siding.


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How to pressure wash a house |  Part 4 | Gutter cleaning - Remove tiger stripes from gutters

Gutter cleaning is pretty much the same process as cleaning aluminum and vinyl siding. However, gutters, white gutters in particular, tend to have an extra layer of dirt that looks like tiger stripes. Tiger stripes are caused from over flow of the gutters and run off from the roof.  SH and Big Green Bruce will remove the basic dirt and organic growth, but you'll need to use Kracken Wash to remove the tiger stripes. Learning this process is a great "upsell" opportunity.  *Tiger stripes should be pointed out at the initial walk through with the customer. Manage the customers expectations. Let them know the basic house washing does NOT include tiger stripe removal. Let them know you can add that on for an appropriate fee.


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How to pressure wash a house | Part 5 | How to pressure wash a chimney with oxidation stains (Diedrich 101)

SH and Big Green Bruce will easily remove dirt and organic growth form most chimneys. However, in this video we explore how to remove the oxidation bleed off from the aluminum siding that stained the lower parts of this brick chimney. We used Diedrich 101, applied with a Kranzle foam cannon, then rinsed with HIGH PRESSURE and a fan tip. Oxidation removal of all types should be sold as an advanced service as it takes more time, effort, chemical and expertise. Don't short change yourself by promising to much for too little.


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How to pressure wash a house | Part 6 | Clean asphalt driveway with Power Bolt

Josh Wagner walks us through how to properly clean an asphalt drive with mild oil stains with Power Bolt. It's important to use an industrial solvent, not a degreaser. Degreasers can damage asphalt, where as a solvent with a surfactant like Power Bolt only attacks the dirt and grime on the surface and does not damage the asphalt.


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How to pressure wash a house | Part 7 | Treated vs non-treated surface cleaning

In this second to last "how to" video, Wags takes a few moments to discuss the difference between treated cleaning and non-treated cleaning of a cement surface. In short, using SH and Big Green Bruce as the "treatment" sidewalks and other cement surfaces will stay clean much, much longer than if you only use H20.


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How to pressure wash a house | Part 8 | That's wrap | Pro tips for managing customers

In this wrap up video, Josh Wagner tours the house and shares before / after photos. He also recaps what products were used and why. Finally, at the end of the video he shares "pro tips" about how to manage customer expectations and assure you get a 5 star review from your customer.  In short, managing a customers expectation is key in growing your pressure washing business.


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How to pressure wash a house
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK 9 May, 2023
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