Dirt Killer Detail Wall | Industrial Wall Mounted Pressure Washer
System includes a Kranzle 2020 pressure washer, hose reels, deionizer system and more
9 May, 2023 by
Dirt Killer Detail Wall | Industrial Wall Mounted Pressure Washer
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK

Check out the new Dirt Killer Detail Wall, which was first built for the Dowell J Howard Center, a trade school in Virginia. This system has everything you need to for washing cars like a pro. System is pre-built on a 5ftx5ft stainless steel wall. Just bolt it in place, plumb and electricity. Boom! You are good to start detailing your vehicles. Order online here >>


Transcript of the Dirt Killer Detail Wall

Eddie Doorman -  Dowell J Howard Center (00:01):

Hi, my name's Eddie Doorman I'm the autobody instructor here at Dowell J Howard Center, Winchester, Virginia.

Josh Wagner - Old Man Wags - Dirt Killer Pro (00:08):

What we did is basically, we were reached out to, by Eddie to build a custom wall for their collision repair center. So what we did is build a custom designed wall based on their students needs. And we're just gonna go ahead and review that. In a different video you saw how we installed it. We saw some basic how twos. Now let's talk about operation. We have our 20 amp unit. This does two gallons a minute at 2000 PSI. All you have to do is hit the on button. It'll kick on and basically engage. The high pressure side of the system is a completely contained system. It runs all the way down to our aluminum hose reel with stainless steel manifold, meaning this should last significantly longer than anything else in this building. Hopefully the goal of this is basically to have whatever you need to wash down the vehicle. So what we've included our two foot lance, this is a 15 degree spray pattern, and it'll get you about 2000 PSI. This is interchangeable with our secondary lance that's currently on the deionizer system.

Josh Wagner - Old Man Wags - Dirt Killer Pro (01:06):

We have our one foot lance, this is a 25 degree fan should get you somewhere in the 300 PSI range. The reason you might wanna do something different is depending on what stage of the cleaning process you're at. You might need higher impact or lower impact. The other reason we went with a 2000 PSI unit was so that he could do different things like wash downs floor at the end of the day, take care of some different things around the school, and basically just be able to maintain the atmosphere and cleanliness of his overall shop. Now, let's talk about our DI system. What we have down here are twin DI tanks that are plumbed completely separate from the pressure washer. Water comes in. It has the option of going through resin tank one rein tank two, and then going up to our next reel. This is again, an aluminum reel with a stainless manifold.

Josh Wagner - Old Man Wags - Dirt Killer Pro (01:49):

The reason we picked that on both of these is deionized water is starving for mineral content. What that means is that if this was going through a standard steel reel, in a very short timeframe, the entire reel's internals would start to break down. That means after our second set of basically resin tanks everything is either poly or stainless throughout the entire fluid system. Everything that's coming out, the other end, poly, stainless giving you no mineral content that that deionized water can absorb. That means you're gonna get pure water significantly longer than any other system. That's also why we chose not to run it through our pressure washer like a bunch of other factories set up. If we had run that through our brass head, we had run that over top of our stainless plungers. If we had run that through our water seals, eventually what would happen is the ceramics on them.

Josh Wagner - Old Man Wags - Dirt Killer Pro (02:35):

The coatings on them would start to break down. The deionized water would pull that mineral content and eventually, Eddie would have some in depth pump repairs, prematurely, based on what he's using this for. So By eliminating that by separating it to two systems, the accessories we've included are basic soap package, which we will go over here in a minute. We also have our foam head brush, our one foot low pressure, lance, our two foot high pressure lance, as well as three different foam canons. Why three? Because we have several different soaps in our soap package that you can use to atomize during different steps of, again, that cleaning process, our first one being Holy Grail, generic wash and waxs product. Everybody's familiar with them. They're very straightforward to use, load in the foam canon, general routine maintenance, cleaning. Our second soap that can go in that, we have Alkemee. Solid product.

Josh Wagner - Old Man Wags - Dirt Killer Pro (03:22):

What it does is instead of it being a wash and wax product, it is a car wash soap that's designed to strip the wax off of whatever it is that you're cleaning, prepping it for the next coat, or in some cases prepping it for some sort of high end paint that's gonna be going on there. Our next foam canon can be stocked with either Hell Bender or, or Big Green Bruce, if you remember Big Green Bruce, that is a eco-friendly biodegradable product. It's a little more green than some of our other solutions great for underneath the hood. Great for our wheels. Great for our tires, great for our rims. Hell Bender., that is probably our most aggressive package that we've given Eddie here. Basically what it can do is it can strip paint. If it's fully unconcentrated, diluted enough, it's safe to do everything from washing the car, adding it to Alkemee or Holy Grail, giving you a little bit of extra umpf for your initial cleaning.

Josh Wagner - Old Man Wags - Dirt Killer Pro (04:06):

And then our last products we have Titan SiO2 tire shine, as well as Flash Wax. Those are both ready to use products that you can throw in these different spray bottles that we included Titan SiO2 tire shine that is of course a tire shine for the black side of the tire. Our Flash Wax, after you've used Alkemee and gone through and basically collected everything and cleaned it, Flash Wax will put a nice film and protective coating on top of the rest of it. Our last product all the way down in our bottom corner is called Shine Guard. That is the only product that we're giving him, that is good for the interior of the vehicle. It Is a leather conditioner. It's a vinyl, an upholstery cleaner product is a very solid choice to basically restoring the interior of the vehicle itself. So what we did is basically mounted everything that he could possibly be needing out of a pressure washing station, out of a deionizing station onto a wall, made this as user friendly as possible and set it up so that his students can basically get to work on whatever it is that he's teaching them.

Josh Wagner - Old Man Wags - Dirt Killer Pro (05:02):

So Eddie, after going over that, what do you think?

Eddie Doorman -  Dowell J Howard Center (05:04):

Oh, I love it. I mean, when I contacted you about building us a system like this, I mean, this was far more than what I expected. I mean, it's, it looks like it's got everything we need to, to for the pre-wash when a car comes in, before we start working on it. And then when the car's ready to go back to the customer, I mean, it's, we can do everything right here at this one station.

Josh Wagner - Old Man Wags - Dirt Killer Pro (05:26):

So that's awesome. That's what we like to hear. So as always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. If you guys like that, feel free to check it out in the comment section. I'm sure there'll be a link to where you can find this. I'm Old Man Wags with Dirt Killer Pressure Washers. This is

Eddie Doorman -  Dowell J Howard Center (05:39):

Eddie Doorman Dowell J. Howard Center.


This video  was shot on location at the Dowell J. Howard Center in Va.

Dirt Killer Detail Wall | Industrial Wall Mounted Pressure Washer
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK 9 May, 2023
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