Dirt Killer

Why the Kränzle Pump is Superior


Dirt Killer and Kränzle pressure washers use an advanced German wobble-plate pump producing more PSI and GPM than a crank case pump. The simple, rugged design insures reliability. The Kränzle pump is so durable it is capable of running dry, on in bypass, for an extended period of time without damage.

Proven Best by Independent Laboratory Test

Worry free operation is achieved throug advanced design. Most pressure washer pumps with all ceramic plungers are quickly damaged when run without water or left to idle for too long. The Kränzle pump can run without water or idle in bypass for hours without damage, preventing expensive accidents caused by foolish mistakes. Kränzle pumps run dry by using molybdenum backup rings combined with ceramic coated stainless steel plungers to provide superior heat transfer from the pump head to the oil bath. Designed for tough working conditions and with few moving parts, Kränzle pumps require minimum maintenance and are easily serviced. No special tools needed.


Advanced Pump Design

  1. Efficient drive system
  2. Stainless stell ceramic-coated plungers provide run-dry, extended bypass capability
  3. Leakage return system lengthens pump life
  4. Adjustable pressure control