Dirt Killer Chemical Sample Kit - House Wash Soaps | PN DKCHEMKIT02

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    This Sample Kit includes 1 Gallon of the following :

    • The Boss - Eco house wash. SH Safe - SDS

    • Hell Bender - Industrial degreaser. Great on tough grime stains found during house washing. SH Safe. Also used for tire/rim degreasing in auto detailing. - SDS

    • Power Bolt - Industrial solvent - Ideal for Asphalt cleaning - SDS

    • Nastee - Concrete oil stain removal and general concrete cleaning. - SDS

    Watch pressure washing soaps, degreasing videos below videos below.


    The Boss - Eco friendly house wash. SH Safe.


    Hell Bender - Degreaser - SH Safe

    Commercial grade degreaser for tough stains on hard surfaces. Works great as a tire and rim degreaser as well!


    Power Bolt - Asphalt cleaning detergent.

    Can also be used as house wash. Watch this video and learn why Power Bolt is BEST for cleaning asphalt.


    Nastee - Concrete Degreaser

    When you have concrete to clean, Nastee get's the job done. Use with hot or cold water and watch oil stains disappear. 


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