Complete 8GPM Cold Water Install Kit, Includes Loose Tank, Machine, Reels, And Chem Tank | PN 98TRAILERKIT8

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This Cold Water Trailer Kit includes a complete DIY system that can be installed to any trailer, truck or flatbed. Kit includes the generic parts to install all included equipment and also supplies loose tools common to this machine.

Machine Type- DM-EHS690GG83
Dirt Monkee Series Cold Water Skid featuring an electric start Honda GX690 with a 18.5 Amp charging system. Paired with a gear reduction driven General TSF2021 pump to achieve about 8.2 GPM @ 3000 PSI with a 9.0 nozzle. 

5' Foot battery cables come preinstalled to the machine allowing for easy routing of a provided battery box and battery. 

325 Gallon Water Tank with NO plumbing installed. Two galvanized steel tank bands are provided for easy install.

Double Stack Hose Reel Kit includes 125' of 3/4" contractor grade garden hose preinstalled on the bottom reel. 300' of 3/8" high pressure hose preinstalled on the top reel. Installed stack kit completes the double stack section of Summit SM18 hose reels allowing for easy install. 

 25 Gallon chemical tank included to be used with a 2.1 injector bypass kit (supplied). 10' of chem line included for easy tank connection based on desired chem tank install. Mounting solution for chemical tank NOT included. 

Loose plumbing includes the following- 
Drain Line Kit inclusive of the following subcomponents- 

(1) 2" Bulk head fitting (for tank wall)
(1) 2" Knife valve (for easy dump)
(1) 2" Street 90 (To route plumbing through the floor)
(1) 2" Hex Nipple

Bypass Kit inclusive of the following subcomponents- 

(1) Bulk head fitting (allowing sealed, tank entry)
(2) 90* Elbow hose barb (allowing clean entry into bulk head as well as redirect flow inside the bulk head)
(15') of 1/2" Bypass hose (cut to length and run from unloader to tank)
(2) hose clamps (install on unloader hose barb and bypass barb on bulk head)
Fill Tank Kit inclusive of the following subcomponents-

(1) Bulk head fitting (mates with your water tank)
(2) Poly 90 barbs (Install on both ends of the bulkhead fitting. One for clean water entry and one to redirect water against the inlet wall)
(10') 3/4" Water Hose (Typically installed between a hose reel and the tank, cut to length)
(2) Hose Clamps (Install on hose barbs connecting hose reel to tank) 

Plumbing Kit inclusive of the following subcomponents-

(1) Bulk head fitting (To pass through the tank wall)
(2) Hex Nipples (install one to the bulk head fitting and ball valve, then one to the ball valve and water strainer)
(1) Union Style Ball Valve (Installed to the bulk head fitting through use of a hex nipple)
(1) Water Strainer (Installed to the ball valve through use of a hex nipple)
(1) 1" MPT x 1" Hose barb fitting (to mate with the strainer)
(10') 1" Spiraflex Suction Hose (Install between both supplied hose barbs and cut to length)
(1) 3/4" MPT x 1" Hose barb fitting (to mate with your pump inlet)
(2) Hose Clamps

Accessory components include the following-

(1) Snub nose lance assembly
(1) 12" Lance assembly
(1) 36" Lance assembly
(1) 48" Lance assembly
(1) 30" Silver Helix Surface Cleaner 
(25) 1/4" O-rings
(25) 3/8" O-rings
O-Ring Pick Set
High Pressure Ball valve with swivel
8 GPM Jrod Assembly
(5) Gallons of The boss
(5) Gallons of Nastee - industrial degreaser
(5) Gallons of Hell Bender - Industrial degreaser

Special note- No hardware is included to mount this to your vehicle. This will require careful selection at your local hardware store. 

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