Electric DIY Guy Kit, Includes Kranzle 1122TST, Surface Cleaner, Accessories And Soaps | PN 98DIYGUYE

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    This Electric DIY Kit is the ultimate enthusiast package for the DIY'er that takes care of his property. From house washing, to deck stripping, car detailing, sidewalk cleaning, driveway cleaning and more. This enthusiast kit can do it all. 

    Kit includes the following components- 

    Kranzle 1122TST Pressure Washer
    12" Silver Helix Surface Cleaner
    48" Gunjet Assembly
    Kranzle QC adaptor kit
    3" Deck Staining Brush
    5" Deck Staining Brush
    50' Contractor Grade Garden Hose
    4.5 Nozzle kit

    Big Green Bruce
    Deck Restoration Plus Restorer
    Deck Restoration Plus Brightener

    Utilizing this entire kit you have the ability to wash your entire property from the gutter line, down the siding and out the driveway. High Powered turbo nozzle for tough jobs requiring high impact. Variable nozzle for detailed cleaning of delicate surfaces. In line down stream injection system for easy soaping application. Durable Stainless Steel Surface Cleaner for concrete cleaning and easy routine flat work. 

    Supplied 50' Garden hose pairs with the pump and high pressure hose to give you a total reach of 83' from your water source. 48" gunjet assembly for extended reach or taller end users. 

    The soap samples can be used as follows- 

    Big Green Bruce- Generic commercial duty solvent. Makes quick work of grease or grime. Great for use in engine bays, grill stains, carbon build up, chimney staining, and general purpose degreasing. 

    Nastee- Industrial degreasing applications. Oil based stains on concrete, oil based sealers, trash can degreasing and heavily traveled surfaces. 

    DRP Restorer- clean and loosen wood stain. Apply and let dwell to lift loose stain, evenly wash the surface and follow up with DRP Brightener.

    DRP Brightener- Apply after DRP Restorer to bring natural color and life back to wood decking. Apply and let dwell to desired color before rinsing. 

    Units electrical requirements- 110V 15 Amp
    Units Specs- 2.1 GPM @ 1400 PSI
    Seal Rating- Approved for use with salt water. Requires heavy flood rinse of fresh water afterwards. 
    Inlet rating- Up to 140*F inlet water temperature