Kranzle Detail Dude Kit, 1622TS, Under Carriage Cleaner, Foam Cannon And Supporting Accessories | PN 98DETAILDUDE

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    In a world full of dirty cars this kit helps you outshine them all. Providing everything you need to care for your cars exterior this kit turns the choir of detailing your car, into a genuine work of art. With the heart of the system being a Kranzle 1622TS you can expect clean, consistent, and fulfiling results. 

    Detail system includes the following components- 

    Kranzle 1622TS
    Kranzle OEM Foam Cannon
    Undercarriage cleaner
    Snub nose gunjet assembly
    Solo Battery powered sprayer
    Kranzle QC adapter kit
    3.0 Nozzle Kit
    7' Contractor grade garden hose
    50' High pressure hose

    Alkemee (5 Gallon)
    Holy Grail (5 Gallon)
    Hell Bender (5 Gallon)

    Designed to be integrated onto a shelf in your garage, shop, shed or even homes exterior; the Kranzle 1622TS becomes a show piece that grabs visitors attentions. Practicality, functionality, durability, and aesthetics have melded together to bring you pressure washer perfection on a whole new level. 

    Kranzle 1622TS achieves a peak 1.7 GPM @ 1600 PSI . This means you have just enough power to address your cars problem areas but still hit the surface light enough to remove worry of doing damage. Paired with the Kranzle OEM accessory kit as well as Kranzle OEM foam cannon you can achieve maximum results and efficiency all while maintaining a 15.0 Amp draw. 

    Snub nose gunjet assembly allows for easy maneuvering into tighter spaces such as wheel wells, under the hood, or even just open use with a lighter trigger. Undercarriage cleaner pairs well with this unit giving you a way of removing heavy road build up of dirt and debris in the warmer months, as well as salt build up in the colder months. 

    Alkemee is the natural selection for a first wash of the season, or monthly maintenance options. Designed with emulsifying compounds that add extra lubricity to the surface, Alkemee works with your vehicles paint to remove as much build up as possible. Designed to be atomized through a foam cannon and brushed or whipped into the surface, then heavily rinsed until suds are no longer present. Alkemee is great for all surfaces and will leave your paint looking cleaner then ever before. 

    Holy Grail is Alkemee's partner in washing. While Alkemee does the heavy lifting removing contamanents that require scrubbing and extra attention, Holy Grail gives you an all in one wash and wax that is designed to follow a touchless routine wash schedule. Once you wash your vehicle with Alkemee, Holy grail can be used from daily to weekly through the use of a foam cannon and rinsing tool of choice. By laying trace layers of wax onto your vehicle during the wash process you leave a barrier behind that instantly releases build up with the next wash. Simply apply Holy Grail with the foam cannon, let dwell 2 minuets and flood rinse. Follow up with Alkemee step monthly or quarterly depending on your personal use and desired care plan for your vehicle. 

    Hell Bender is the choice for bringing tires back to life. Dilute 3:1 in the supplied SOLO sprayer. Prior to washing the rest of your car directly apply this solution to your tires, rims, and wheel wells. This solution penetrates deep into the surface and breaks down build up from brake dust, dirt, mud, debris, road kill, and even salt. Once applied to the tire area simply wash the rest of your vehicles surface like normal but with the added rinsing of these tires at the end of the wash. Under most circumstances Hell Bender will break everything free without the need for agitation but for neglected areas agitation with a soft rag or brush can amplify results. 

    Electrical requirements- 115V 15Amp

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