Eves Apple 5 gallon | PN 982010005

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    Eves Apple


    Liquid Apple scent with a twist! This powerful masking agent is not only a solid choice for any scent masking or deodorizing needs but this product is specifically formulated for house washing. The unique chemical make up of this product not only masks the scent of sodium hypochlorite but will also fortify and stabilize your house wash solution. Eves Apple also has its own surfactant properties that will replace most additives used in house washing.

    Common uses include, but are not limited to-

    Scent masking


    Sodium Hypochlorite masking agent (1 gallon can mask up to 50 gallons of sodium hypochlorite. Do not premix, use as needed while working)

    Detailing liquid scent

    Roof cleaning additive (for scent and foam)