10 Meter Blitz Soft Wash Skid With Comet P40 Chemical Pump and Aluminum Reel 10MBLITZ | PN 9800751

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    Soft wash system mounted on pallet skid aluminum - tank - hose reel

    The 10 Meter Blitz is built on an all-aluminum skid with fork lift positions on all four sides.  It features a Comet P40 ump that’s powered by a Honda GX200 Engine.

    This unit is plumbed from a 100 Gallon Chemical tank and plumbed to an aluminum hose reel with a stainless steel manifold. There is then 300 feet of ½” Ag hose crimped onto a poly trigger assembly with an adjustable head.

    Empty, the unit weighs about 250 lbs. meaning its not terribly sized for an end user to lift by hand with a helper. The 100 gallon tank is DOT approved for transport and rated for commercial use with sodium hypochlorite. All fittings are installed through the top of the tank using all poly plumbing and PVC lines.

    The unit has a M-5 Adjustable head which allows you to switch from a long range beam to a wide open fan by just adjusting the head. Under normal circumstances you should be able to shoot at least 10 meters from the ground (2-3 stories) without issue.

    Lastly, there is a 3 way valve installed on the plumbing. This is set up to accept a garden hose for easy flush out of the entire system when a job is completed.

    The 10 Meter Blitz is an all in one roof cleaning system. With an integrated chemical tank, hose reel, hose, and a trigger assembly that allows you to get out and clean a roof with minimal effort. The aluminum skid makes for easy movement in and out of a vehicle.