Direct Drive Made Ready General Pump EZ4040G MAX 4.0GPM 4000PSI | PN 9800632

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    Perfect for building a custom pressure washing rig 

    Perfect for building a custom pressure washing rig, trailer, or replacing your existing pressure washing pump. The EZ4040 produces 4000 PSI @4GPM. Suitable for 9-15 Horsepower Gas Engines. Big box brands with a Honda pump like Dewalt, could not compare to the EZ4040.

    1)     Remove the old pump.

        a.      Clean and inspect the engine shaft.

        b.      If shaft key is worn or damaged replace immediately.

        c.      Grease/ lubricate the entire shaft with some form of anti seize.

    2)     Slide new pump into place by lining up the engine key with the Keyway on both the pump flange and engine shaft.

        a.      Pump may need rotated into place as you install around a frame.

    3)     Select the best placement for bolts as well as proper bolts based on the engines pattern.

        a.      Install and tighten all bolts with the appropriate washers and/ or spacers provided.

        b.      If applicable install shaft set screw.

    4)     Once the pump is properly installed to the engine the unloader can be adjusted to meet the optimal performance in accordance with the HP rating of your engine. .

        a.      Install breather dipstick prior to starting engine.

        b.      Set engine throttle then manually adjust the unloader until the pump is set properly to your engine.

    Pump Specs

    Max GPM: 4.0

    Drive Type: Direct

    Max PSI: 4000

    Orifice size: 4.0

    RPM: 3400

    Shaft Size: 1inch

    Stroke: 0.512 Inch - 13MM

    Minimum HP: 9 HP

    Shipping Weight: 20lbs

    Included: SAE J609B flange

    Staff Review

    This is one of our most popular and reliable commercial grade pumps. We use them in custom builds and replacement upgrades to numerous machines daily. When you need a reliable commercial grade pressure washing pump, I highly recommend the General Pump EZ4040G.

    -Josh Wagner


    What oil does this use: 

    Answer: 30 Weight non-detergent pump oil

    Can this pump run off a buffer tank?

    Answer: Yes - but make sure it has at least a flow rate of over 4 GPM, else you might cavitate the pump.

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