Nastee 5 Gallon - Remove oil stain from concrete - Industrial Degreaser | PN 9800302

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    ​Nastee - Concrete cleaner and degreaser - Oil Stain Remover

    Nastee is one of the oldest formulas in the Dirt Killer line up. Being one of the original soap lines, and the recipe that has needed little to no tweaks over the past 30 years, Nastee is the only soap to have kept its original name. Why? Because Nastee sums up everything about this product. This soap is an industrial degreaser that utilizes an extremely caustic mix to penetrate nasty stains such as oil, grease, grime, slime and commercial ‘filth’ that has saturated a surface and then lift the stain with minimal effort from the applicator (you) . Even stains that have been allowed to soak and dry into a surface for years can be brought back to life through the use of Nastee.

    As an industrial grade degreaser, Nastee was designed almost exclusively for commercial environments. I.E. Commercial concrete cleaning, drive through’s, dumpster pads, grease traps, kitchen hood and duct cleaning, tile floor cleaning, dumpsters and other similar surfaces. In more recent years, Nastee has proven to be an effective paint stripper, deck cleaner, and even a very aggressive house wash additive as needed.

    Sticking with the idea that the name Nastee sums everything up, this is a product that needs to be handled with care. This product can eat through a lot of surfaces due to its caustic nature and should always be treated with respect. If Nastee gets on a delicate surface (yourself included) immediately flood the area with water to dilute. 

    Nastee - Industrial Degreaser
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