Kracken Wash 55 Gallon Drum | PN 9800155

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    Unleash the Kracken!

    Kracken Wash is a one of a kind formula that was designed to remove oxidation from painted surfaces such as vinyl or aluminum (Siding, gutters, metal awnings, trailers, etc) . Unleash the Kracken by down streaming a 10:1 mix onto the surface. Allow it to dwell approximately 5 minuets before reapplying again at the same concentration. Once the second application has dwelled an additional 5 minutes, evenly rinse the surface using mild pressure with the intent of ‘flushing’ all traces of oxidation from the surface.

    Kracken Wash is also great for fleet washing, auto detailing, general purpose cleaning, and even works for bleach free house washing. Dilute as far as 100:1 and still be effective for routine surface cleaning. For heavily soiled surfaces start at a 25:1 ratio and manipulate as needed. For spot free vehicle washing dilute 30:1 and heavily rise from the surface. As the Krackens one of a kind sud is applied to the surface, it aid’s in releasing the kinetic bond that particulates and mineral have made with the surface allowing for as easy and spot free of a rinse as your water system allows.