Power Bolt, 5 Gallons Pressure washer soap | PN 8100008

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(90.00 / EA)

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    Power Bolt - Pressure washer soap - Clean Asphalt Driveways Safely

    Power Bolt was designed to be an eco friendly solution to any cleaning problem. Being one of the most versatile detergents we mix, Power Bolt is not only safe for just about every surface but it can be diluted as far as 500 to 1 and still be effective as a cleaner.

    Common end ratio’s include, but are not limited to the following-

    10/1 – minimum dilution ratio. Pre-spray flat work and heavy oil

    15/1 – Gutter cleaning

    16/1 - awning cleaning

    20/1 – Pre-spray flat work medium oil staining

    30/1 – pre spray flat work light oil staining

    40/1 – commercial flatwork maintenance

    50/1 – Carpet cleaning- auto detail

    64/1 heavily soiled window, glass, solar panel and ceramic coating cleaning

    100/1 – flatwork

    128/1 – window cleaning, light carpet cleaning

    133/1 – house washing additive

    200/1 – counter top cleaner/ household cleaning detergent

    300/1 – bathroom cleaning additive (porcelain)

    500/1 – roof cleaning additive

    Power Bolt’s unique appeal is that it is concentrated to a point where it is not an effective cleaner unless you add water. Starting with the minimum dilution ratio of 10/1 power bolt becomes a very cost effective cleaner even at its base mix.  

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    Dirt Killer Inc. is a Hamilton Associates company. We manufacture gas powered pressure washers with a Kränzle pump. We are also the EXCLUSIVE importer / wholesale of the German made Kränzle pressure washers and products.

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