General Pump TSF2021 8.5 GPM @ 3500 PSI Gear Driven Pump Assembly | PN 6600151

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    General Pump TSF2021 High Pressure Pump 

    Industrial duty solid shaft pump made by General Pump. Designed to operate all day every day keeping you up and running under the harshest conditions. Pump comes with preinstalled gear box allowing it to mate easily with most commercial grade, horizontal shaft twin cylinder engines. Pump includes hardware set, breather dipstick’s, and comes prefilled with oil. 

    Installation instructions are as follows

     1) Remove the old pump.

        a. Clean and inspect the engine shaft.

        b. If shaft key is worn or damaged replace immediately.

        c. Grease/ lubricate the entire shaft with some form of anti seize.

    2) Slide gear box and pump assembly onto engine shaft.

        a. Pump may need rotated into place as you install around a frame.

    3) Select the best placement for bolts as well as proper bolts based on the engines pattern.

        a. Install and tighten all bolts with the appropriate washers and/ or spacers provided.

        b. Pump rails are generic and may not fit all frames. Vibration dampeners or motor mounts can be purchased separately and used to fill spacing between pump rails and frame.

    4) Install breather dipstick on gear box and pump assembly.

    Pressure Washer Pump Specs

    Pump Manufacturer- General Pump (GP)

    Pump Model – TSF2021

    Drive Type- Solid Shaft Pump With Installed Gear Box Assembly

    Required Shaft Size – 1”

    Minimum HP Rating- 21HP

    Maximum Flow- 8.5 GPM

    Maximum Pressure – 3,500 PSI

    Recommended RPM’s- 3,500

    Pump inlet- ¾”

    Pump outlet- 3/8”

    Recommended Orifice Size – 9.0

    Recommended Pump Oil- General Pump Oil

    Recommended Gear Box Oil- 5W50 Full synthetic