De-ionizer single canister | PN 4400100

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    De-ionizing station-

    Whats it do? Cures the dreaded water spots caused by water impurities.

    Wash the surface, rinse it, and its done
    The 24" tall, 7 1/4" diameter tank comes filled with 13 lbs. of our ion-exchange resins that remove minerals from the water through a process that bonds them to the resin. Because the majority of the impurities are dissolved, deionization produces highly purified water, meaning no more heavy water spots!

    The two valves control the water flow through the filter. This allows you to bypass the filter when it is not needed to prolong the life of the resin. 

    The life of the resin depends upon the amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) in your water. Want to know your TDS level? Check out our easy-to-use TDS Meter.

    The units inlet and outlet are poly 3/4" Male Pipe Thread (MPT)