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H260 2600 PSI, 3.5 GPM

H260 2600 PSI, 3.5 GPM

The H260 cold water gas pressure washer, producing 2,600 PSI at 3.5 GPM, is for industrial and commercial use; perfect for the professional who cleans decks, buildings, vehicles, or the fisherman who is cleaning crab pots, fishnets, boats. There are scores of gas powered pressure washers to choose from but the H260 is unique amongst gas pressure washers in five ways.

1) It features the unique Kränzle pump that can run dry and bypass better than its rivals as proven in independent laboratory tests.

2) It uses a 6.5 HP Honda LX gear-drive engine that has reduces wear and tear on the pump by 50% while increasing torque and cleaning power.

3) Due to the high strength aluminum frame, the pressure washer only weighs 75 pounds, so one person can easily pick it up, making it easy to transport from job site to job site.

4) The pressure washer includes the Dirt Killer turbo nozzle, that typically cuts cleaning time in half, and the industrial grade Kränzle Vario-jet nozzle, that combines the function of four flat tip nozzles into one easy-to-use nozzle.

5) At a weight of only 75 pounds and generating 9,100 cleaning units, the H260 packs more cleaning punch per pound of weight than any other pressure washer; making for a powerful, yet small package.

H260 comes with all the accessories you need to clean to include: professional gun-jet lance, 50' wire braided hose with quick coupler connections, exit side chemical injection, gauge, Vario-jet (high pressure wash/soap) nozzle, and a Dirt Killer turbo nozzle. It is perfect for a one person commercial operation.

Measures 42-inches length by 22-inches width by 23-inches height. Weight: 80 pounds. Metal finish.

Key Features

  • Advanced Kränzle pump design gives multi-hour bypass and run-dry capability preventing accidental pump damage
  • Dirt Killer turbo nozzle doubles cleaning efficiency
  • Vario-jet nozzle combines the function of four flat tip nozzles in one easy-to-use package
  • Adjustable Kränzle forged brass unloader
  • Aluminum frame with pneumatic tires - unit weighs only 75 lbs.
  • Honda 6.5 HP, GX-LX 2-1 gear-drive engine delivers extra torque and extends pump life


  • HP: 6.5
  • PSI: 2600
  • GPM: 3.5
  • Weight: 75
  • Part Number: 9800229-s

Replacement Items & Accessories


4000 PSI High Pressure Hose 50' with QC

4000 PSI, 50' Goodyear Neptune high pressure hose with quick couplers.


Starlet Gun-jet Lance with QC

Professional 36" with Starlet gun-jet lance with quick couplers


Dirt Killer Rotary Nozzle 4.5

Dirt Killer Nozzle, size 4.5 - Rated to 3200 PSI  For cleaning tough dirt, this nozzle hits more than twice as hard a a flat tip nozzle.


Dirt Killer Nozzle 4.5 Rebuild Kit

Dirt Killer Repair Kit for nozzle size 4.5 replaces all internal parts of the DK nozzle


Vario-jet 4.5 Nozzle

Vario-jet industrial-grade, multi-function variable nozzle.


Chemical Injector 2.1

Downstream, or low pressure soap injector with quick couplers.


APG-18 Gas Pump

Kranzle APG-18 gas replacement pump for 5.5 HP and 6.5 gas engine.


AM/APG-18 Pump Packing Rebuild Kit

Replacement kit for the water seals (packings) for the APG-18 and AM pumps.


AM/APG Pump Valve Rebuild Kit

Replacement kit for the valves for the APG and AM pumps.


AM/APG-18 Oil Seal

Oil seal for APG-18 and AM pumps.


APG-18 Plunger

APG-18 Ceramic-Coated Stainless Steel Plunger


Internal Unloader Rebuild Kit

Unloader Rebuild Kit With Stainless Steel Ball



Unloader Replacement Kit 43444

Replaces all of unloader hand wheel and control spindle


1/4" QC Plug M

Quick coupler plug with male 1/4" thread screws into Industrial Dirt Killer nozzle. 


1/4" QC Socket F

Quick coupler 1/4" socket screws onto the end of the lance.  Female threads.


3/8" QC Plug M

Quick coupler plug with male 3/8" thread screws into butt of gun-jet.


3/8" QC Socket F

Quick coupler socket with female 3/8" thread screws into onto one end of the high pressure hose.


3/8" QC Plug F

Quick coupler plug with female 3/8" thread screws into onto one end of the high pressure hose.


3/8" QC Socket M

Quick coupler socket with male 3/8" thread screws into onto 22mm x 3/8" female fitting at pressure washer outlet.


Fitting: 3/8" F x 22MM F

Fitting with female 3/8" thread screws into onto 22mm x 3/8" female fitting at pressure washer outlet that screws onto the pump outlet.


1/4" O-ring

For use in gun-jet 1/4" quick coupler sockets.


3/8" O-ring

For use in hose and pressure washer pump outlet 3/8" sockets.


Syntec synthetic oil

5W-50 Synthetic oil for use in Kranzle pumps.