Part 8 | Pressure Washer Training | Transcript
The wrap up - Pro tips for managing customers
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Part 8 | Pressure Washer Training | Transcript
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The wrap up - Pro Tips for Managing Pressure Washing Customers 

Josh Wagner : Power Washer Trainer (00:00):

All right guys. So we are completely done with our house wash for today. What we're going to focus on real quick is just a general overview and walk around of all the things that we've touched on. Starting with the very front we have our sidewalk, we did a really good job. Pre-treating surface cleaning, rinsing away, everything that was on there. It looks great. I believe the homeowner said that this wasn't done at least in the last decade or so, that mean that we did a really good job bringing that back life. As we worked around the front, the first thing you notice is our gutter line. All across the top, we had all that organic growth that was basically blocking that gutter from looking white. And we brought all that back to life. Made it look beautiful. Again. We also thought on our glass, it looked like there was some oxidation problems, as well as our glass we'll call it our acid staining that was sitting there, basically soap solution, call it that brought it all down.

Brick façade, windows, gutters and foundation pressure washing

Josh Wagner : Power Washer Trainer (00:48):

It looks like it was just some surface dirt that looked easy cleaning it. We also moving around the building as well as our foundation is probably the dirtiest part of the foundation itself. This was a brown, black and green in all different areas. And then in addition to that, this was the first side of the house that had some staining on it. So it took care of all of that. And the walking around the back, we have the first areas where we begin to talk about basically the carbon buildup on aluminum staining inside some of these corners. Panning around our house. Our soft wash solution did a really good job pulling a lot of that from the surface. However, there is a limit to what can be done when something is neglected for X amount of years and making up something as a 20 year old piece of property, if nothing has been cleaned that long, it's a lot of times sitting there for that stain. It can do its damage to be aluminum in this case, leaving behind certain shadows in some different areas.

Aluminum and vinyl siding

Josh Wagner : Power Washer Trainer (01:41):

And we're on this side. One of the things that we also showed you guys had to do was how to take care of bleed down, if it's coming off of the surface, that was us re-soaping, these two corners, and basically just making a match that there wasn't anything on even. We also spent a little bit of time down here on this stairwell, as well as the sidewalk. Okay. We're going to get a chance to sweep that because that one is finished draining, but this was also the dirtiest portion of the house. As you can see from the after photos, it did a really good job, just genuinely cleaning everything off the surface. We're calling it clean, we're calling it sanitized and it looked clean again. So our last part on the backside, I'll let our camera man walk up here. First. This was the side of the house that we were able to reach the gutter.

Gutter oxidation and tiger stripes

Josh Wagner : Power Washer Trainer (02:25):

So we spent a little bit of time doing their oxidation removal. It was very easy. Basically we just took a rag wiped around the surface. What we paid attention to wasn't some of the areas where the paint is a little bit weaker. We couldn't apply anything a little bit stronger, which is perfectly fine and acceptable. Again, something that sits for 20 years, the stain has a tendency to go into it. But the important thing is we got the majority of the tiger stripes off with minimal effort. Also did a really good job of cleaning up the section, turned out great and even were able to give a deck a quick little rinse.

Asphalt and oil stains

Josh Wagner : Power Washer Trainer (02:55):

Our driveway, as we had talked about it, basically, came clean using Power Bolt at about eight 30:1 mix. That means at all I did was put it in the bucket, threw it onto the surface, let it sit there for about 5 to 10 minutes. Didn't scrub it. Didn't agitate it. Basically. If you took a wand and pushed everything off, did a really good job getting all these surface oil stains off and basically completing that project with minimal effort. The last thing on this side, we had originally talked about how this side of the building was heavily oxidized. What we did was took that oxidation bleed off, which was coming down right here.

Chimney cleaning / oxidation staining removed from brick

Josh Wagner : Power Washer Trainer (02:55):

This portion of the transcript was corrupted and not transcribed. However, please refer to the video itself to hear the discussion of the pressure washing that took place related to the chimney cleaning and oxidation removal. In short, we used Diedrich 101 to effectively remove the oxidation stains from the chimney brick.

Painted door safely pressure washed

Josh Wagner : Power Washer Trainer (03:46):

And that brings us back up. Now we're going to spend a minute just talking about the door as we did, give it a little bit of extra attention. We have what looks like newer woodwork. We had an actual doorframe itself, and then there were trim work around what the actual foundation of the door or everything is resting in. A lot of that paint was starting to peel was doing that before we started. So we wanted to take extra caution, not to affect the new wood to not damage the nutrient that was fastened to the old wood and the three to basically not pull any paint away, if possible, to the actual framework of the door, our soft wash solution, because we use less than 500 PSI on the majority of this house. It did a really good job, not pulling any color off of anything.

Pro-tips about managing custom expectations and getting good reviews of your pressure washing service

Josh Wagner : Power Washer Trainer (04:38):

It also did a really good job of keeping everything intact and not giving us so much pressure that it did damage to anything. The last thing that we're going to talk about is basically talking to the homeowner. All right, last thing you should do after every job, if you don't have after photos that you're sending to the customer, cause they're not there. Grab the homeowner, walk around the property, make sure that they're happy with the results that you gave them. This goes a really long way. When it comes to one landing jobs for the future; Two helping customers manage or helping manage customer's expectations with what they felt the job was going to look like versus what you deliver. In a lot of cases, you're going to blow away the results, but in some cases, the homeowner might have unexpected or we'll say unrealistic expectations for what they felt was going to be done. By you taking that extra step.

Josh Wagner : Power Washer Trainer (05:22):

And just talking to them for a few minutes. It shows that one, you care about the job. Two. You did everything you could within reason to get the stains off. And three, you took your time working around the property. It is important to note, you were not a magician. There are certain stains that are not going to be lifted just because of how long they've been there or what type of surface they're sitting on. It is important to note that your chemicals have a limit to what they can do. You also have a limit to what your skill level is. Until you are able to do jobs like this don't land jobs like this. Focus on the jobs that you can do grow into bigger jobs like this and bigger tasks. As you do that, you'll have had lot better technician in the field. You get a lot more comfortable with the work that you did. And more importantly, you'll be able to make more money because you'll be able to land houses like this all day long in developments like this. Throughout our entire cleaning process, we're trying to keep it as fluid as possible. That way, we could explain some more results to you guys. If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Don't forget to like and subscribe. This is Dirt Killer Pressure Washers. Let's kill some dirt!

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Part 8 | Pressure Washer Training | Transcript
Dirt Killer Kranzle USA Atlantic Pressure Washers, Michael Zittel DK 9 May, 2023
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