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Stand-off Long Range Soap Nozzle

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    Spray detergent up to 60 feet

    Great for applying detergent to large areas or up to a second story or higher.

    The stand-off nozzle is a long barrel type nozzleused for maximum distance without sacrificing flow.  It nearly eliminates the need for ladders or lifts up to 4 stories depending on flow of your pressure washer. Pressure washer with 4-6 GPM can reaching 45-50 FT depending on wind and angle of attack.  A 7-12 GPM pressure washer can reach up to 60 FT.

    You can use this nozzle to shoot chemical up on  high areas or a long distance.  The stand-off nozzle is also very useful for rinsing.

    Pretreat gutters and fascias with a soft wash chemical and then use the stand-off nozzle for rinsing, thus eliminating the use of a brush.

    Use the stand-off  nozzle to bulk rinse moss off a roof that has been treated with a soft wash chemical.


    Made of stainless steel.  Resists corrosion from high PH and low PH chemicals and bleach.

    Comes in two sizes: for 4-5 GPM pressure washers and for 6-8 GPM pressure washers.

    1/4" male thread.