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HELL BENDER |1 Gallon | Degreaser

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    Hell Bender 

    This product started out as Brite Side, then evolved into Brite Side extra strength, and has now taken on the name Hell Bender as it combined the two products. Doubling down on some of the active ingredients Hell Bender has a huge range of applications.

    Originally a truck wash soap from the 90’s little was ever done to touch the recipe until the mantle of Hell Bender came along. Blended to attack any type of stain that shouldn’t be on the surface Hell Bender is an industrial grade degreaser that has the properties of a stripper.

     Hell Bender Review as a brake dust cleaner by Detail Werkz Dallas


    Dilute 50:1 and you are mild enough to wash a house.

    But only Dilute 4:1 and it becomes a commercial grade stripper.

    Hell Bender used as house wash stain remover


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    By heavily relying on caustic’s to do its job, you can keep diluting as far as 200:1 to make a counter top cleaner/ disinfectant making this one of the more cost effective soaps on the market. In most cases Hell Bender is used as the only soap or detergent in the mix and requires anywhere from 3-5 minuets of dwell time. DO NOT let Hell Bender dry on painted high gloss surfaces. As the water evaporates Hell Bender gets stronger and can lead to too aggressive of results, or chemical scarring/ micro etching.

    Just to glance through the industries that Hell Bender can be applied to –

    Fleet Cleaning- dilute 25:1 for best results

    Vehicle cleaning – 40:1 for best results

    Tire and wheel cleaning – 4-1 for instant results

    Brake dust cleaner - Apply direct, no dilution

    House washing carbon staining – 20-1 for spot treating, 30:1 for washing

    House washing, with Sodium Hypochlorite- typically 1 cup per 5 gallons of SH

    Latex paint stripping - dilute 4:1 and aggressively apply to the surface. Xjet is a great tool here to get the dilution right and apply with some force.

    Stain stripping - apply to the surface at a 4:1 mix and allow to dry on the surface. Reapply at 4:1 and wash stain/ sealer from the wood.

    Oil based Paint removal – apply liberally to the surface straight. Typically done with a mop and bucket or a brush and bucket. Lay on the surface and allow to dry, penetrating the wood. Repeat this process twice, then wash away.

    Counter top cleaner – 200:1 , perform small test before cleaning larger areas.