Hot Water Pressure Washer Trailer - Basic - Installed

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    We build custom pressure washers week in and week out all year long. This is common entry level package. All you have to do is provide the trailer.

    Unit includes the following:

    All labor

    Hot Water Pressure Washer 

    •  Honda GX390 with Kranzle AQ pump. Key start engine with 18 amp charging system and 12V burner

    • 4.2 GPM @3500 PSI

    • Self priming gear reduction driven pump

    200 Gallon Water tank

    • Plumbing to pressure washer- bulk heads, ball valve, filter, non collapsible hose from filter to pump inlet.

    • Dump valve - bulk head, gate valve, discharge hose

    • Plumbing - hose reel to tank

    Two hose reels

    • Low pressure water hose reel filled to capacity (100 feet) with crimped female garden fitting on loose end. 

    • High pressure hose reel with 300 feet of 3/8" high pressure hose hard plumbed into reel with quick disconnects every 100 feet. 

    Accessory kit

    • High pressure ball valve assembly

    •  36 inch high pressure lance

    • 12 inch high pressure lance

    • High pressure flat tips

    • Low pressure Jrod assembly

    • O ring pick set

    • 3/8" Viton (hot water) O rings

    • 1/4" Viton (hot water) O rings

    • Whisper Wash Ultra Clean surface cleaner

    Soap injector kit

    • Down stream injector kit with 2.1 high draw injector

    • 15 gallon soap tank plumbed to injector

    The above price is for a wood decking trailer install only. This all can be installed into / onto any vehicle or trailer. Additional fees may apply. This price DOES NOT include a trailer. You supply the trailer, we supply the parts. 

    Call for a free quote M-F 9-5 EST 800.544.1188


    How long does it take once I deliver my trailer?

    Typically it takes 1-2 weeks depending on back log.

    Can I pay a rush fee?

    Yes, but careful what you wish for. Depending on back log, a rush fee could double the price.

    Can I add a soft wash system?

    Yes, of course, but technically, this unit can "soft wash" as it has a built in soap tank and chemical injector. However, for the purest out there, yes. We have dedicated soft wash system that can be added.

    Are dual axel trailers better than one?

    Generally, yes. They can support more weight. This unit has a water tank. Water is heavy.

    Do you sell fire hydrant hoses?

    Yes, for water tank fill up. You'll also need a meter from your city or county.

    How long will my trailer last?

    Pressure washing machines last in complete ratio to how well you take care of your machine, check the oil,  what chemicals you use, winterize, volume of use, do you store inside or out, etc. The real question is how well do you take care of your pressure washer trailer? 

    *Dirt Killer Classic machines are known to last 20 years with proper use and maintenance.

    What's the warranty on the pressure washer?

    All Dirt Killer pressure such as the one used in this build have a 1 year commercial warranty against manufacture defects.