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EaCo Chem Cleaning and Restoration Products

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Eaco Chem One Restore - Mineral Stain Remover

One Restore - Mineral Stain Remover

OneRestore® provides remarkable versatility, cleaning power, and safety all in one. It is appropriate for single or multiple surface restoration. OneRestore® is capable of removing the deepest stains. OneRestore® can also be used to safely remove deposits on glass and anodized aluminum. OneRestore® is a great choice for cleaning and restoring college campuses; government facilities, hospitals, and office buildings.

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Eaco Chem NMD 80 Masonry Detergent

NMD 80 - New Masonry Detergent

NMD 80 is a buffered acid-based new masonry cleaner designed for cleaning mortar smears off of new masonry structures. NMD 80 can be used on a wide variety of substrates without harming the surface or color when used as directed. NMD 80 is the number one specified cleaner by brick and block manufacturers. NMD 80 requires no scrubbing to be effective.

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Eaco Chem Calcite Presoak - Step 1 - Step 2 NMD 80

Calcite PreSoak

Calcite Presoak is designed as a presoak for the removal of calcite from clay brick only. Calcite Presoak is always used in conjunction with NMD 80. This combination is for the complete removal of calcite. Calcite removal from concrete masonry units (CMU) can be achieved by using White Scum Presoak followed by NMD 80.

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Eaco Chem HD Britenol - All-purpose cleaner

HD Britenol - All-purpose Cleaner

HD Britenol in an all-purpose cleaner designed for residential and light duty commercial applications. HD Britenol works great on most substrates. HD Britenol will not harm people or animals when used as directed, but care should be taken to protect plants. HD Britenol is sold as a concentrate and ships not regulated by the D.O.T.

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Eaco Chem C-Tar Melt

C-Tar Melt

C-Tar Melt, a blend of water soluble, non-hazardous chemicals, give an exceptionally powerful penetration and softening action tar and stains.. Apply straight - undiluted. Water STOPS the actions of C-Tar. C-Tar will aid in the separation of the tar residue from the rinse water if you contain and store the runoff for a short period of time. C-Tar Melt is safe for: Wood, Metal, Brick, Masonry

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