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Brake Dust Cleaner - Review of Hell Bender

Brian from Detail Werkz Dallas tests Hell Bender

Brian from Detail Werkz Dallas tested out Hell Bender. Hell Bender is a cross over product that works amazingly well on tires, rims and as brake dust cleaner. Watch the review video and see for yourself why Brian now uses Hell Bender and offers it for sale at Detail Werkz.

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Brake Dust Cleaner Review Transcript:

Brian Detail Werkz Dallas:
Hey, what's up guys. This is Bryan I'm with Detail Werkz, Dallas. I've got the amazing guys from dirt killer here. We're going to try out their new product
Called Hell Bender. It is basically a wheel cleaner for all your wheel
And we're going to give it a shot. We're going to, we've got a Mercedes-Benz that has a lot of baked on, cooked on a brake dust
we're going to spray this chemical on there. We're gonna let it sit for a couple of minutes and we're going to agitate it and spray it with some water and se how it does. Mostly here, when we have a Mercedes or BMW come in, we sometimes have to just totally remove the wheel off, to get deep, clean, and make it look as new as possible. So they're sayin
That this product is going to do that for us without having to move the wheel. So we're excited to give it a try. So stay tuned and let's go do some work. What'd you think of that? That was amazing. Right? We sprayed the chemical on there. We let it sit for maybe two to three minutes, and then we used our brushes. We agitated it and we hit it with the pressure washer. And I was really amazed. I couldn't believe how clean it got these wheels. So this is something we're definitely going to add to our arsenal. I definitely recommend you pick it up, give it a try, test it out yourself and be amazed because it's really good product. So we're super excited to be part of the dirt killer family. And we're excited to have this in our shop now. And thanks a lot for watching. I'm Ron de torts. Dallas. We'll catch you again. Next time