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Best Car Wash for Range Rover

We recommend Holy Grail Wash N Wax, Hell Bender and Kranzle

Besides manufacturing and selling products, we actually use them ourselves. In this simple video, Mike Z, one of the staffers here at Dirt Killer / Kranzle USA washes a Range Rover with a Kranzle K1122TST pressure washer, foam cannon full of Dirt Killer Holy Grail Wash and Wax car shampoo.  He also uses Hell Bender on the tires and rims to keep them clean and free of brake dust.  In this instance, this car wash is a maintenance wash. That is what Holy Grail is designed for: Weekly maintenance washing. The same with Hell Bender. If this was going to be a full detail and wax we would use Alkemee and Flash Wax.  For tire shine, after Hell Bender, we would of course use Titan SiO2.

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